Land Capability Assessments

Are you building in an area not serviced with mains septic system?

If so, you will require a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) to propose a suitable type of onsite wastewater management system for a proposed residential development.

This document provides a detailed LCA for the allotment, information about the site and soil conditions along with monitoring and management recommendations.

The report is written to comply with all relevant and current Victorian legislation, guidelines, codes and standards, including:

  • AS/NZS 1547:2000: Onsite domestic wastewater management;
  • Land Capability Assessment for Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management: Publication 746.1, March 2003, EPA Victoria;
  • Septic Tanks Code of Practice: Publication 891, March 2003 EPA Victoria
  • Guidelines for Aerated On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems: Publication 760, January 2002, EPA Victoria